Executive Private Reveal

The Garden's Executive Club, Inc., Georgia Elite Club for Women

Ready for Change

The colossally powerful vision of an elite club for executive women, The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc., founded by business and wealth tycoon, Ebony OH, will be introduced to many highly empowering women from all across the US.

The Garden’s Executive Club is a private Women’s Club with a Mission to engage and support powerful senior women C-Suite level executives, CEO’S and rising VP’s through multi-level networking-based coaching and training platforms; and it has plans for Global Domination.

Our members are women Executives across every high-income industry who are leading their companies and pushing other executive women leaders to the top.

The Benefits You will Get

The Garden’s Executive club will offer private executive coaching, mental health support groups, counseling, access to angel investors, private lenders, grant research, and so much more!

We’re getting ready to change this narrative for good by offering C-suite executives and rising vice presidents, mentorship opportunities across various industries, focused career coaching sessions, and networking events.

Other Facilities


Fine Dining Restaurant

Speaker Series

Book Club

Plans for a Mini-golf Course

Host of Workshops & Professional Development Training


Executive Private Reveal

Executive Private Reveal

This is your golden opportunity, let's attend the grand opening of The Garden's Executive Club, Inc. and join us!

Starting at 1:00 PM

July 14, 2021

The Garden's Executive Club, Inc. 5459 East Mountain Street Stone Mountain, GA 30083 United States


Event Location

It is with great excitement that we extend a personalized invite from our founder, Ebony OH to have you as a guest at the Private Reveal of The Garden's Executive Club.

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